Blossom Wellness Trading is a wholesale company which distributing products that made from premium grade coconut oil in Malaysia. Blossom Wellness was founded by Edwin Mah Wen Hoong, CEO of the company at the year of 2010.  The idea of the name Blossom Wellness is a translation from Mandarin that representing the great achievement of health in both mentally and physically leading to efflorescence in life. With the great leadership of his, Blossom Wellness achieved with listing products in numerous branded supermarket and organic shop by concentrating the manufacturing line of coconut cooking oil, supplements and skincare. His vision is always believing that one day, the misconception towards coconut oil is able to be eliminated and bring nourishment in health to people all around the world especially Malaysian by adopting coconut oil in an affordable price range. Blossom Wellness is currently working its way out towards escalating the convenience of customers in getting the products of Blossom Wellness by supplying all the products to all organic shop, supermarket, pharmacy, wellness centre and agent in entire Malaysia.

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